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Obama-care: Down but Not Out

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As reported Sunday by the Associated Press, the White House now seems open to pursuing options other than the massive government takeover previously being pushed through Congress by the Obama administration.  Top aides to the President are giving this new pitch the rather nebulous title of a “co-op.”  Clearly, this is a move that is in response to a growing and passionate populist revolt against wide-spread Democratic attempts to commandeer the American health care system.  However, we cannot presume that this is the end of this administration’s attempt to impose itself upon our freedom to make our own individual health decisions.  They might be angling for the perception that they are easing back on the throttle temporarily, but by no means are they giving up.

Kathleen Sebelius has stated that the government “option” is not an “essential element” of the plan, but has not stated that it is being removed.  She also holds fast to the fallacy that a government plan can be a “competitor to private insurers.”  Robert Gibbs echoed this notion by insisting we must have “choice and competition in the insurance market.”

Americans who have organized against government intervention and takeover of the health care industry must continue to realize that private industry cannot compete with government programs.  Unlike private industry, government programs are not required to make a profit.  When costs rise, they either raise taxes or cut services.  Unlike government programs, private industry must immediately respond to its customers: if the private business does not deliver the goods, consumers vote with their dollars and take their business elsewhere.  Unhappy “customers” of massive government programs must face endless lines of red tape, while the “suppliers” of these programs (the taxpayers) are helpless supporters who have no hope of getting a refund, let alone of taking their business elsewhere.

We must not be fooled into complacency by these latest moves by the administration, as they are merely nuanced changes in their depiction of the government plan.  Their goal continues to be the creation of a government “option” for health care.  Once this happens, all private companies are in danger.  Their goal has been and continues to be a single-payer, government run health care system. They don’t care how long it takes to get there, as long as they achieve their goals.

If the administration seeks to promote “choice” and “competition,” perhaps their first action should be the one that is easiest.  Currently Americans are not allowed to purchase health insurance across state lines.  Sure, we can purchase auto insurance, but not health insurance.  What is the result?  Less competition and higher prices.  By removing the in-state limitations on health insurance purchases and opening it up to the entire country, this would immediately introduce nation-wide competition amongst providers.  Instead of your insurance company having to compete with only those located in your state, all of a sudden it would be up against companies located in the other 49 states.  It’s simple Macro-Economics 101: Increased number of competitors results in higher quality and lower costs to the consumer.

We must remain focused and not be lulled into the false perception that the battle is won.  The administration, like any other group of savvy politicians, understands that they must give the impression of making concessions so as to ensure the success of their ultimate goals.  However, Americans must remain vigilant and stay constantly informed as to exactly what these purported concessions are, and how they affect the future of our freedom to make our own future health decisions.  We cannot go back to our homes, back off our pressure, and think this fight is over – because this is exactly what these recent statements by the administration are intended to make us think!

More importantly, we must remain steadfast in our conviction that the government has no role in influencing or even taking direct control over the life-and-death decisions regarding how we take care of our health.  We must not give up the fight against HR 3200, or any other form of nationalized health care.  We must keep increasing the pressure on our local congresspersons until this bill is completely defeated.  Only then can we start over and pursue health reform solutions one at a time, in a manner that is pragmatic, controlled, and responsible.


Written by ericcvorst

August 16, 2009 at 3:42 pm

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