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Massive Liberal Counter-Protest at St. Louis Tea Party Rally

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Several hundred St. Louis taxpayers took part in a rally outside Senator Claire McCaskill’s offices this afternoon, while hundreds more participated in other locations across St. Louis.  As one might expect, there was a ragtag collection of counter-protesters in attendance.  However, this enterprising group of aspiring actors put quite a clever twist on their approach.  Dressed in a style consistent with the played-out mis-characterization of conservatives as 1920’s corporate big wigs, they did their best to portray the alternative to socialized health care as an option only benefiting the “rich.”

I actually made the mistake of wearing a $7 hat with the Nike logo on the front.  Of course, I was immediately chastised and tagged as a supporter of “rich corporations.”  Not surprising.

While it was clear this group had at its fair share of chuckle-worthy amateur actors, it was difficult to ignore a bitter sense of desperation about this rag-tag group.  The ten or so individuals epitomized the extent to which the counter-protests have devolved.  Also, it appears they unwittingly waltzed directly into a losing argument.  By posing as fake “rich bigwigs” in opposition to socialized health care, they legitimized the very claims of the actual health care protesters – that the “Obama-care” proposals are indeed deeply socialistic in nature.  Regardless, it is worthy to note that those who took the time and effort to have their voices heard in favor of socialized health care could be counted on two hands.  Those who oppose the massive government takeover numbered in the hundreds.

Today’s rally was one of several across St. Louis, and was a clear sign that the Tea Party Movement is very much alive and well and continuing to gain steam.  The passion is real, the people are real, and their voices are gaining in strength.


Written by ericcvorst

August 22, 2009 at 8:59 pm

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