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9/12/09 – The Million Patriot March

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(I’m going to break stride a bit from previous posts and shoot from the hip in the next several posts.  Time for a little first-person editorial fun!)

I just got back to St. Louis after an absolutely amazing four days, in which my good friend Darris and I drove out to Washington D.C. for the 9/12/09 March on Washington.  On this trip, we made a special stop at Charlottesville, Virginia, so that we could visit Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia and his home and final resting place at Monticello.  It was only fitting that we pay special respects to the author of one of the greatest pieces of literature in human civilization and one of the fathers of our great Republic.

As noted above, I’ve decided that it’s more important to get this information out as quickly as possible, rather than going through multiple proofreading and editing steps.  Most of what I’ve written previously has been in third-person commentary, rather than a first-person personal account.  However, after witnessing an overwhelming display of Americans exercising their free speech – only to find that the event was roundly under-reported and in many cases completely ignored – I have felt called to do all in my power to bring the events in Washington D.C. on 9/12/09 to the attention of as many Americans as possible.

I want to be clear:  I am not a conspiracy guy.  I don’t like to think that the powers-that-be would try to withhold information from American citizens so as to promote an ulterior motive.  I am hesitant to believe that fictitious Orwellian creations like the Ministry of Truth could ever truly exist in the United States.

But I was there on 9/12/09 in Washington D.C.  I personally witnessed hundreds of thousands of Americans filling the Capitol Building grounds, while Freedom Plaza was still feeding hundreds of thousands more on to an already packed mile-long stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue.  I saw the three-hour long march, and I took as much video as I possibly could.

I was deeply and emotionally moved by what I saw: Real Americans.  Dads carrying their children on their shoulders, Moms pushing infants in strollers, grandmothers and grandfathers marching proudly with canes in hand, and great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers being pushed in wheelchairs.  I saw young men and women in their 20’s and 30’s.  Professionals, executives, doctors, and nurses.  Students, teachers, laborers, veterans, and every other walk of life.

These were the people who work hard every day, diligently paying their taxes every year to fund this ever-growing federal government.  These were the people who worked for a living – rather than voting for a living.  These were the people who had never protested publicly in their lives.

While I was moved by what I saw, I was equally moved by what I did not see.  On the positive side, I did not see one act of violence, one act of property destruction, or one act of disrespect for our great Republic.  On the negative side, I did not see one camera from any major news organization.  ABC, CBS, and NBC did not find this event newsworthy enough to send ONE cameraperson to document this march of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The only people taking video or pictures were the participants themselves.

Hence, since the major media outlets have completely failed to do their duty to report important news – and history – as it happens, it is my duty as an American to do all I can to spread footage that I was able to collect on the ground during the event.  I will be posting raw video footage over the next several days in order to get as much out there as possible.

Please understand, I do have a full-time job and I am an admitted amateur when it comes to video-editing, so it might be several days before some more polished video collections are posted.  However, I encourage you to watch as many of the clips as you can.  Spread them to your friends.  Feel free to take them, download them, and use them for your own video projects.

Our “free press” has failed us and has refused to truthfully report the historic events that occurred on 9/12/09.  We each have an obligation to ensure any American interested in these debates – regardless of their viewpoint – have access to information, sounds, and images, so they can come to their own decisions.

Thank you, and God Bless the Republic!


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September 13, 2009 at 10:37 pm

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