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The Tea Party Movement continues to gain momentum, as more citizens become aware of how drastically their liberties and freedoms will be impinged upon should the Obama administration succeed in forcing through its planned government takeover of the health care industry. These citizens were awakened by George W. Bush’s $700,000,000,000 “too big to fail” bailout in 2008, concerned by Obama’s $787,000,000,000 Spendulus bill and quadrupling of the federal budget, angered by the Cap and Tax energy legislation rushed through the House of Representatives (who didn’t bother to read the bill), and mobilized by the government’s attempts to seize from them their freedom to control their own individual access to health care.

While the Tea Party continues to make its presence felt on the local level by appearing at “Town Hall” meetings during the August congressional recess, another important date in September is rapidly approaching.

Across the country, hundreds of simultaneous “9/12 protests” are being organized. A great deal of significance has been placed upon this date, as it reminds us of a moment in 2001 when the country united in a common voice while sharing a singular goal of protecting and preserving our freedom and liberty from those who wish to fundamentally destroy it.

The most important event on this date will be occurring in Washington DC on 9/12/09, with the planned march through the Mall and to the steps of the Capitol building. While participation at any local event is important, few will be able to deny the voice of the people when it is demonstrated through peaceful yet forceful voices in our nation’s capital.

This has the potential of being a landmark event in our nation’s history. I urge those who feel deeply about these issues to take whatever steps necessary to schedule a trip to DC for this important event. These are not normal times, and we know that we are headed in a direction that many feel will fundamentally transform our lives and strip us of core individual liberties and freedoms.

A few days’ travel out of your life is a small investment to make in order to preserve such precious liberties and save our freedom to have control over our own individual health care choices.

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Written by ericcvorst

August 11, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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